Friday, September 25, 2009

I'm designing my new leather purse!

So, I was on this interminably long quest for a new purse. I fell in love with one at Shine in Hampden, deep burgundy made from an old leather jacket so it had all this great stitchwork and pockets. But it kinda smelled like an old leather jacket and it was about 300 dollars. "No way!", I said, "I could make that!" And that's when it occurred to me that I COULD make it. Hell, I didn't go to art school for nothing. And what better to spend my time making but my very own purse, which will accompany me everywhere. It's my one belonging that I look at more than anything else and a perfect use for all the incredible leather I purchased in Portland.

So, it's inspired by my favorite patchwork bag from Lucky that has withstood about 2-3 years of hard use. Except this one will be all neutral leather, with red accent, and fewer patches, just 4 on the front swooping down creating an elegant teardrop shaped bag. The patches on the front will all be pockets for stashing my phone, gum, treats, business cards, my cap gun... and the inside will be just large enough to hold my journal, planner, wallet, more treats, and makeup.

I've made 3 mock-ups in canvas and muslin. Small, medium and large. It's amazing how designs shrink when they become dimensional. I think I've finally got it with this last design. The size feels right, I just need to figure out the shoulder straps...

So, my studio is currently an explosion of fabric, patterns and leather. It's so nice to be back in the studio making.

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VFenn said...

what a great idea!